Försök (att låta bli), 2012

Try (not to)

Läge (Kontinuerlig förhandling), 2013

State (Continuous negotiations)

Utan titel (famnad:fjärmad:förändrad, del III), 2014

Untitled (embraced:expelled:changed, part III)

The project famnad:fjärmad:förändrad is a series of site-specific installations made out of thin lengths of dried wall paint, investigating what happens as one of the elements of a room are detatched and given a new function. Similar yet essentially different surfaces interact, causing a shift in the architecture as well as within the viewer.
Each installation within the project is an individual work, different in size and shape depending on the character of the exhibition space. This enables a wide range of expressions, from strict and subtle, the paint kept close to the wall, to billowing folds invading the room.